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Smart and Strong determined experienced team, with significant blockchain background by bringing improvement in progress, development, speed, scale, cost and user experience




Head Developer

Jacob Adrian

Chief blockchain Officer

David Bonata

Chief Marketing Officer

Vladimir Karaev

Lead UI Designer

Henrique Martinez

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Alexsandra Diaz

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    VorteX Network is a long-term project with powerful technology that supports various forms of services and extensive utility solutions in a single global platform.
    Our principle is to combine the best protocols and utilities cases, examples: Cardano, Tron, Binance, Matic etc. VorteX will make it available to investors a one single platform that offers everything needs from a large utility scale, we aims to provide a variety and different forms of work and services, all-in-one.

    VorteX Network (VTX) is free to use and available in all countries around the world, except those with specific restrictions to cryptocurrencies.

    Recommended wallets where VTX can be stored: Metamask, Coinbase, Trust Wallet, MyEtherWallet, Coinomi, Ledger, Exodus, Trezor.

    1. You will first need to buy or to hodl VTX token.

    2. Register into VorteX Gate with a new account.

    3. Transfer the VTX token from your wallet/exchanges directly to VorteX Gate main wallet (you can also use the QR code).

    4. Once you have made the deposit in your VorteX Gate account, choose one of the pools and press the (start-stake) button.

    5. That's all! Enjoy your stake! To remember, this is a beta version 1.0! You will not be able to see the balance in your account only in "STAKE DASHBOARD" VorteX Gate 1.1 (tests in progress) the full version of VorteX Gate 1.1 will include:

    -Multiple submission methods (Metamask + all dApps support)
    -Better U.I.
    -Adding the dashboard user.
    -More functions.

    1. MultiChain is an open-source blockchain platform created to build and deploy private blockchain applications that function within or between organisations. MultiChain helps organizations to build and deploy blockchain applications with speed.

    2. MultiChain technology is a platform that helps Custom Blockchain development companies to set up some private blockchains that can be used by financial transaction organizations. MultiChain gives us with a simple API and a command line interface. This helps preserve the chain and set it up.

    3. MultiChain is an extended open source fork of Bitcoin. It can be used to launch custom blockchains, both private and public and is easy to configure. It offers a well-selected set of features and enhancements targeted at enterprise and business users.

    No chance of an any hack, we have the experience and the knowledge to protect our network and our investors. You can easy rest and sleep because VorteX Gate is the safest staking platform in the World.

    Several safety systems that offer complete protection on the best platform you have ever used.
    -High security firewall against (DDOS) attack
    -Online and Offline back up 24/7
    -Cloud wallet protection 24/7
    -Hot and Cold wallet 24/7
    -Support 24/7

    The VorteX Network Bridge-SWAP is ongoing development, please follow the roadmap and our social media to catch the news.

    1. Each blockchain uses a certain kind of transaction and fees cost, lower or higher, for example: ERC20 and TRC20. Everyone chooses the desired blockchain according to their preferences and needs.

    2. Stake Network transaction withdrawal: the network transfer fee is free and is fully supported by VorteX Network. To ensure the security of your funds, the withdrawal request will be processed manually. Your patience will be greatly appreciated.

    3. Please remember: the minimum amount required to make a withdrawal is 100,000 VTX tokens. (ERC20) To remember! Withdrawal is made and accepted only to the address used to deposit VTX.

    Ultimately, network centralization was created as a way to improve efficiency and take advantage of potential economies of scale. On the other hand, decentralization looks to improve the speed and flexibility of our network by localizing processing power to the individual user.

    VorteX Network uses both protocols methods, as you can see above, both setups have their advantages and disadvantages. There is no definitive answer as to whether one is better than the other you need to appraise this based on your needs and which style fits better with your business.

    VorteX Gate is the most powerful and first DeFi ecosystem for mankind at zero costs and no limits, where users can make profit by staking VTX token in any preferred supported blockchain they want. With VorteX token you can afford to trade, stake, receive, spend & exchange VorteX Network with others cryptocurrencies.

    VorteX Gate ecosystem support VTX token for now, which runs into all supported blockchains: Ethereum - ERC20, Binance Smart-Chain Bep20, Tron TRC20, Huobi Heco-Chain, Harmony- HRC20 (We will include and support more tokens in the near future version 2.0, please read the whitepaper).

    We are constantly looking for people who share the same vision and believe in our project. Please email to tell us more about your vision and path.

    You got a problem, or found one? No worry! For any question, please email to tell us more about your problem.

    Please email to tell us more about your business and partnership.

    Please email to tell us more about your business.

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