VorteX Network World’s First Global Ecosystem Decentralized Marketplace

VorteX Network is an Open - Source first marketplace decentralized Blockchain all from one source to build the future with our global blockchain


VorteX Network is a unique decentralized platform created for the principle of global freedom to access reliable trade. We’re building a better global payment utility and a broader ecosystem to accommodate all a wide variety of energy markets around the world over continuous development. We're looking to build the future.


VorteX Network prides itself on being an honest coin, with realistic functional objectives. We are guided by a team with real belief in the need for privacy, security and freedom. We value of the trust of all participants. We bring together a core team with a common commitment to libertarian values based on mutual respect and freedom first above all. Anyone can join the project, but they must share these concepts and values with us.


VorteX Network is an ERC-20 Token based on the proven and developed Ethereum blockchain. It is readily compatible with any existing ERC-20 wallets on mobile or desktop. It can be sent to anyone around the world essentially instantly with a very reasonable and low fee.


We are not conducting any ICO or any type of private investment as seen with many other projects. VorteX Network needs to grow naturally without any potential of pump and dump or other common problems found in the crypto markets. We want to see VorteX Network find a stable price that is actually in line with our goals for this token. That's our first priority to maintain stability for people and investors from the beginning and see real growth over time.

What makes us different and unbeatable from the others Project?


Our team will not have the right to sell or trade any coin for three years (2023). The only people entitled to receive tokens will be those who participate in the project based on free will and hard work. Those who do not participate will not be able to dump them into the markets and there will be no unearned bag holders in this project. Those who choose to spend on our project whether in the form of time or money will be rewarded but the team will not be able to sell ahead of those who helped and supported the building of this project. If anyone is rewarded, they will only be able to sell after those who saw fit to purchase our tokens and support our efforts.


We pride ourselves on being open to all participants in our community. We will show and prove for our community, people and investors. Our team aims to take VorteX Network to a whole new level with active development, dedication, honesty and a real plan which will be put into action.


We will focus from the very start of the project to get VorteX Network listed on any quality decentralized exchanges. At the same time we will seek out quality centralized exchanges as well that will bring positive attention to our coin and help us develop our community. The more decentralized options there are to trade VorteX Network the more censorship resistant VorteX Network will be; while the additional support of certain centralized exchange options will give us the capacity to grow our volume and prove our value through daily trading.


VorteX Network will never request the community and people to make donations for new listings or development projects. We are specifically funding all costs for this project from our own pockets in order that we can assure our supporters that we are working for your best interests at all times.


VorteX Network is a powerful concept based upon trustworthiness and powerful utility that can be taken worldwide - highly scalable, fast, highly secure blockchain platform on a proven chain with a new decentralized global ecosystem all from one source. We look forward to earning your trust and we hope that you will support us in this effort.

Meet Our Team

Remember Our Team will never PM/DM you first! And does not expose private life in Social Media, we are a (Decentralized Project).


Dimitry, our CEO & Founder is a simple great man and it has knowledge boasts years of industry expertise in IT| Marketing | and Cryptocurrency-Space involved man an inspirational commitment to our vision. Without him we would not be who we are today. • Country of Origin (Switzerland) 🇨🇭

Dimitry - Ceo

David Bonata
Manager Data Security Development & Blockchain

David Bonata is a smart man has a long years in computer engineer IT development ,has many years experience in data and Blockchain he know variety of technical problems | platforms • Country of Origin (Canada) 🇨🇦

David Bonata

Vladimir Karaev

Vladimir Karaev he studied in Russia and U.S many Business Industry's | jewelry |data | cars | electronic device | online shopping ,a man of great value in our team • Country of Origin (Russia) 🇷🇺


Henrique Martinez

He is the best a quality man, which gives quality in social media in our project a certified maker with experience and precious vision we need it • Country of Origin (Spain)

Henrique Martinez - MAKER IN SOCIAL MEDIA

Alexsandra Diaz

Alexsandra creativity qualities do discover things with passion and brand thinking helped make the team and company’s mark on the industry. Since joining the Team in, 2020 January her leadership is a source of inspiration it has vision which many do no have. • Country of Origin (Brazil) 🇧🇷


Alex Kimber

Alex Kimber is a wonderful man, studied telecommunications it has the quality and dedication in relationship with the people and support any kind of questions ,will respond to you with great love as soon as possible • Country of Origin (United States of America)


Marshal Merks

Marshal Merks is a nice man and smart, his value to Promote our Project in Social Media and roll to protect community safe and with news ,he is the first admin in our team. He joined in the team in 2020 January and his implication continues to drive the progress of the team. • Country of Origin 🇳🇱 Netherlands | United Kingdom



VTX Our Values


We pride ourselves on being people , and always work to provide a comfortable experience. We listen and respond to you for any kind of question.

Secure & Fast

You can count on us to make sure your coin and investement is completed kept safe. VorteX Network it is very Fast instant transaction and small commission.

Effective money

No matter what the development costs will be, we will support the costs. The VorteX Network will never solicit donations from the community. We will support all our own costs and we will complete all the development objectives from the chips budgeted for the project. We do not expect or request support from people who voluntarily choose to buy our currency.

Global Ecosystem

We're working hard to make a global utility token for the people. We strive to build an environment based on freedom around the world that includes a new and better ecosystem combining many different payment systems in one place under the same roof.


We are trusted by a lot of people and support around the world to deliver quality work Fair and Honest.


We love what we do. We are striving to restore human freedom and liberty by learning new things continuously improving quality and implementing new ideas all the time to create broad prosperity.


We keep a close eye on every component of our work to ensure nothing is left out.


VorteX Network provides everything you need in one place and at the best quality. In a world that is constantly changing, you can rest assured that the folks here will be by your side through every step of the process.


VorteX Network supports the effort to find free energy to support the living ecosystem for a better future and a healthy thriving planet. What is free Energy?

Free energy or zero point energy is an alternative way of generating energy that could change the world. Free energy works by generating energy without burning it somewhere else. If discovered and implemented it would be a no-cost, pollution free and unlimited source of energy to protect the earth and life itself. ♡. In short, it would change the course of human history.

For the first time in thousands of years humans would be able to meet their energy needs without burning some type of fuel.

VorteX Network is committed to supporting those seeking free energy. Feel free to reach out to us on our contact form if there is some way we could help you to achieve this goal.


1. VorteX Network is an unique decentralized marketplace platform built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain and has no expanding limits, our mission and vision is to make a Global utility Token for the People Freedom accessible around the world in Cryptocurrency space. VorteX Network will be a Global payment method and used in all domain, and focus to make a (Adoption|Integration Blockchain Technology ) in the near future in many
E-commerce different markets shopping / payments to use every day in daily Life in different things example:

• Global Internet Connection

• Food & Drinks

• Clothes & Accessories

• Sports

• Free – Energy

• Social Media

• Music

• Gaming /Apps

• Different form of Payments / Buying (Update)

2. Why it is decentralized much better and why we chose this? Very Simple question and remember this things always!

• Decentralized is unique and Trusted for the all people & will be in the near future adoption in all domains without an external source of Power.

• Only you have the power on your investment and your own privat Key!

• No Banks

• No Guvernaments

• Freedom

• Privacy

• Security

3. VorteX Network in the near future Road : Token Supply changing

• We started with (91Bil) – Total Supply

• As you Know we do not conduct any ICO or a Privat Sale ourselves we will Support all the costs and progress development of our pockets and never ask /force the People and Community to make a donation !

• But a great Steps and Progress in the future development and a New | Good | Big|Quality| Exchanges Listing need money always .

• And for that we will have in the future a Max Supply (120 bil) final limit.

4. – Also the Supply it will not always remain the same , when the price will be high and stabilized we will reduce drastically in three slowly stages!

• These steps will be in the future and we will have a Poll Vote, and together, people |community we will decide how much quantity we will BURN

• VorteX Network is a huge long term Project and awesome investment with so much high potential and growth for the future Freedom a easy Global Payments Platform to use in every day in daily life.

• If your looking for something long term to invest, VorteX Network is a great and wise investment to buy and Hodl for a bright future.


• Cryptocurrencies will become worldwide and Decentralized (Freedom) will be prevail in the future a “storage of value”, and will replace current methods to store value fiat money, bank accounts, pension funds, precious metals, etc…

• Because of the laws of Supply and Demand, the value of cryptocurrencies will increase fast, for some Coins|Tokens and also VorteX Network value will really explode.

• People that will be early adopters of cryptocurrencies will profit from these price increase, and will generate a lot of wealth and happiness.

• The VorteX Network project wants to allow everyone the possibility to become an “early adopter in many domains in future development.

• In the next 5-10 Years the number of people involved in crypto will go up drastically , ×10-×20 or more and the,young Generation who Born in 2010 , will be able to use Blockchain and Cryptocurrency like us we use Internet Today.

• All this Steps take time in all Projects but together we will done in all steps slowly and sure.

• Patience is a Virtue and never Fails| Patience will Earn a Big Reward always.

• A Large and Valuable Project never accept a donations for new listing or development.

• VorteX Network never ask / accepts this things ,Because it is a Respected and Valuable Project, created only for the people Freedom to deliver quality work Fair and Honest.

• If you want to Support our Project you can Buy and Hodl (only Just this)

• Others Methods Remember VorteX Network never accepting.

• We do not set a Exact date in (Witepaper) when they will be this things happen, Because we don’t want to be in delayed like many Projects and only words , We want to respected our progress & work . Our Team need to work in peacefulness | harmony | no stress and hurry | need a quality work and good Development.

• All data progress will be show in the website & all News and steps in development our major goals.

• We know one thing for sure – VorteX Network will be a huge Expands no Limits and focus to Listed in a lot Markets | Exchanges|Top we assure and promise this things,together we will change the world and will focus in all steps slowly and sure!

• We Expect you to be a part of our Ecosystem, to build a great Freedom World together in Cryptocurrency Space

More News About The Progress and Project Development Will be Published Here!



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